Upgrade your Matrimonial Website with the Latest Matrimonial Software

One of the most fashionable services on the web is wedding profile posting and partner search websites. If you are an existing Matrimonial / matrimonial Bureau or are planning to start fully developed Matrimonial software, then it is necessary that you provide COMPLETE functions on your website. This is an opportunity for you to provide these services to the vast audience of match-makers and make a difference. Our readymade matrimonial software allows potential brides and bulls to keep their profiles and find Partner profiles at a price.

This is a very powerful online matrimony script management package system that we have developed specifically and user-friendly. As someone, our product has evolved over time, and with valuable inputs of Matrimony Industry Experts, we packed the maximum features. With our Android matrimonial software the user will be able to search, update, add / remove and edit your profile from the database. In addition, users can add / remove / change details, upload pictures / photos.

This is just the beginning. You can check the full features of our open source matrimonial softwarebelow and check our blog for continuous updates on the product. You will find how excited we are about this product and are always looking for new ways to improve it! Thematrimonial softwareis currently available in PHP / MYSQL and it runs smoothly on cPanel web hosting.

Features our matrimonial software

  • Fully Secure App
  • Easy Data Entry for New Registration in a Single Form with AutoFill Field
  • No need to enter full words for religion, caste, job etc., it is automatically filled.
  • Simple and quick search of profiles based on age, religion, race, job or anything, phone number
  • Partners can set priorities like Priority, Religion, Job, Salary etc.
  • With pictures, you can see all the details in the same page, which contains information shared with other bride / groom.
  • Configuration settings to hide phone numbers and emails
  • Pictures related to profiles, easy to see photos
  • Excel can import registration from data files.
  • A simple perspective of all the profiles in the table with pictures.
  • Profile Search Multiple display
  • Easily share the profile with other members.
  • Email profiles directly from the app.
  • You can tack profiles provided to customers like bride and groom
  • Modify changed profiles.
  • Import and export data from EXCEL
  • Shared a profile report.
  • Accept / Deny / Comment on shared profiles
  • A simple astrological investigation for profiles between brides and men
  • Secure application, only authorized person can use this application with a username and password.

Security reasons to choose our matrimonial software

Security is the most important thing when it comes to any matrimonial website. Here are some safety features associated with our matrimonial software Android that will help you to protect your privacy and have a pleasant experience on any online wedding website:

  1. We do not take your safety and privacy of your customers lightly. However, most online matrimonial users still check that there are still ways to make the system stupid. Be careful for any kind of weird behavior and stop chatting with people who are uncomfortable. The real profile registrar respects the fact that you want your time and place to make your decision.
  2. The first thing is that you have complete control over what you want and what you do not do. It’s very easy that you will not share all your information and be anonymous at this point that you talk to a specific website or person that you talk to. Otherwise you will not be able to force you to do any other work.
  3. With our iOS matrimonial software, we recommend you disagree about sharing your personal contact information specifically, telephone numbers and addresses. You can only give an online e-mail ID that you have specially created for the purpose of interacting with people on an online wedding website.
  4. When you are comfortable and confident, you can go ahead and disclose more information that the person on the other side is genuine. Trust your nature. It’s just fair that before you give more information, you have to take your time to find that person online.
  5. We make sure that you do not use predefined email signatures, which are more likely to display information.
  6. We give information like your telephone number only when you are confident and comfortable with another person. If you are given a phone code that has area code that is not included in the details provided by you, then get more information about the person before starting the conversation.
  7. When you make sure that it is real or not it gets to the person only. It is recommended that you include the family from the first meeting and not be alone with it. Once everyone gets satisfied and develop strong relationships offline.


The best and safest way to make your website with matrimonial software is to find the best company offering readymade matrimonial software. You can find versatile features in the script.

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