Matrimonial Scripts to Develop the Perfect Portal

Online matrimonial services these days are widely used as people are busy in their daily lives to go out and meet potential life partners. Matrimony websites are hence doing great business these days. matrimonial websites are developed using matrimonial script developed by professional companies. A lot of people are getting into the matrimonial business due to this rise in the number of people searching for their companions online. For developing a successful matrimonial portal you need the help of professional matrimonial software development companies. If you are someone looking to create your own matrimonial website you should get in touch with companies and get the scripts according to your needs.

Narjis Infotech is one search company offering ready-made PHP matrimonial script to design the perfect matrimonial website or application. The dedicated professionals at the company get to know all your needs and expectations and suggest the script accordingly.

If you are planning to create a website of your own you need to keep a few things in mind and communicate those with the developer. The experts and qualified professionals at Narjis are constantly working towards developing scripts that are capable of making user-friendly and responsive applications and websites. You need to be very clear about the features that you’re gonna provide on your portal. The website or application needs to be crisp and precise with just the right features. Nobody prefers an application that is filled with unnecessary features rather than serving its actual purpose.

At Narjis Infotech you get to choose from among 4 major types of scripts, namely mega matrimonial script, ultimate matrimonial script, corporate matrimonial script and advanced matrimonial script. all these scripts have varying templates and features depending on the client to choose from.   

They use efficient matrimonial software to develop scripts which can be used to make responsive and user-friendly websites and applications. they are focused towards increasing the online presence of businesses with the help of professional marketing and expert PHP developers who work dedicatedly to create matrimonial PHP scripts with all the necessary features.

The experts at the company will provide you with all the necessary features that can make you matrimonial website successful.

Some of the key features that you will get when you are using scripts developed by them:

  • The mega matrimonial script that they offer not only helps you build a website but also mobile responsive. Android native apps and IOS native apps can be created using the script.
  • The front and features include basic necessities like user log in, basic search, advanced search with a lot of parameters, keyword or ID search, SMS alerts on registration, activation and when interest is expressed. apart from this, users can access various wedding planners, success stories, payment options and a lot more.
  • Users can easily register and it is made sure that all the login details are safe and not misused.
  • The inbuilt advertising module lets the business owner monitor and controls the various advertising activities on the portal.
  • The advanced search options let users search according to all their needs and expectations from cast to religion and from background to mother tongues and everything else.
  • It gives you control over the site settings by which everything can be updated starting from the logo to the Google Analytics code.
  • The matchmaking mechanism is impeccable and helps the users to find the right match.
  • The staff module helps the owner to keep a track of the staff, add and delete staff members and justify staff roles as well.
  • New email templates SMS templates can be added to make the website or application even more useful.
  • You can view the invoice, sales report of the franchises, plan name and all other related details.
  • The owner can monitor and control the various franchises with the help of the franchise module.
  • All the approvals like wedding vendor reviews, horoscope approval, success approval, cover photos, ID proves, video upload and the rest can be handled efficiently.
  • It also provides features to send email and SMS to all members.

And a lot more.

So if you are looking for a matrimonial website development company Narjis Infotech is the ideal place for you. Get in touch with them to know more and make your dream of creating a matrimonial website a reality.  

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